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Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Week of March into April

Dear Everyone,

Another week has past and now comes another week. It’s kind of interesting to work for so long with a person and have them be so hopeful to progress and nothing happens. We have had to do a whole change up with our investigators. The investigators that we had just would not progress. We would teach them and teach them but they wouldn’t come to church and so we having to back off them and look for more. We have found more investigators and they are looking hopeful again. We found a family that looked like a great find. The only problem is/was that they did not come to church yesterday. It would have been so great to have them get to church. We are at this point with a lot of investigators. They agree to do a lot of things but they then don’t do them. Frustrating but oh well. We still managed to get 9 people to church yesterday and still hold on to 4 baptismal dates. Crazy stuff that happens but that’s life. So I got the coolest news ever yesterday!! So we have been teaching this couple that really likes the church and everything. They have a couple of problems to fix and they are going to get baptized. They need to stop smoking and…. Get married. Argh! The getting married situation is the hardest to deal with in the mission. There are a lot of people that don’t want to get married. So we faced this problem with them when we told them they had to get married. It wasn’t a total rejection but they didn’t want to get married within the next 6 months. So they kind of got pressured a little too much and stop going to church for about 2-3 weeks. And so yesterday they came back to church. That was very nice to see, investigators going solos. After I taught Gospel Principles, they stayed after and said they needed to tell us something. I was kind of excited because I’m just that way. Well, they told us they were going to get married in April and she was going to go to the registro civil (dad translate) to take out a turno. (dad explain) I was so excited that I was jumping up and down in the classroom. The only part that is sad is that I am leaving my area in two weeks. But I am so excited that they are going to get married and baptized now. Just some really awesome things that happen in the mission.
General Conference weekend!! I am so excited to listen to the prophet and the apostles. I hope that every one is getting ready to listen to a prophets voice. There are going to be a lot of good teachings. The mission has definitely helped me to have an eternal point of view on everything. The importance of listening to the prophet and a lot more small gospel principles that seem small but very important. I hope that everyone can just take in what the leaders of the church have to say. I guess I can’t say it enough but it is really important every general conference.
Thanks Erica for the letters you send me. I really like the paper strips. Gracias Abu y Gpa por sus cartas. Estoy emocionado por junio… jajaja. Thanks to the rest of the family for your emails also. I love you all and I’ll talk to you next week.

Elder Pickett

Elder Pickett and Elder McDonald

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