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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear Everyone,

How are things? Things have been really crazy again. So yesterday was a holiday here so that is why I couldn’t write. Everything was closed and today, only half the things are closed. So right now I am writing from Wal-Mart because the internet café by our house is still closed so the only one open is here.

So yesterday we did some service. We basically built a house. We fixed the roof and the back wall of this one room house. It is literally 6 feet by 6 feet. It is so small and 4 people live inside of it. But we went with the other elders from our pench and it was a blast. We were telling jokes and laughing and have a great time helping repair this home that was ready to fall apart. Then afterward we went to a birthday party and we had some milanesas and peach cake. Oh, by the way, I love peach cake now. It was fun to talk and tell jokes and laugh with the family that we were with. I love being able to do the things that I would be doing at home like conversing with families.

Saturday we had THREE baptisms. It was pretty much awesome. We are finding a lot of people that are ready and a lot of kids who never got baptized at 8 so we are looking every where for baptisms.

So in our recent district meeting, I talked about the importance of being obedient. There are huge reasons for being obedient. Obviously the reason of blessings, if we do what God wants, he will bless us. But there are other things. If we are obedient, we will receive a light. That light is also the Holy Ghost. And once we have the Holy Ghost, we will have power to do whatever God wants us to do. So with obedience comes power. That has been the most important thing I have learned out here in the mission. Obviously it is not as easy once you get out in the real world so I have to practice real well how to do it here.

Abuelita y Grandpa, Felicitaciones!! Tal vez puedan pasar por acá otra vez para tener almuerzo pero esta vez vamos a comer asado! Jaja Les amo muchisimo. I love you all. Thank you for writing me. I really do appreciate hearing from everyone and getting support. Elder Craig, I love hearing your stories. I love you Bro.

Until next week,

Elder Pickett

[Dad note: I know many of you are writing Allen and we sure appreciate it. I am trying to get him to acknowledge the letters but as you can see, we are not too successful. Please continue to write to him and when he comes home in 6 months you can chew him out for not responding. Thanks]

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