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Monday, March 21, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Dear Everyone,

So this week was just a normal week. Just doing the good tracting and all. We are finding a lot of less-active people. A lot of them just fell away because life started to get busy and they decided that it wasn’t important to put God first. Well, they are completely mistaken. The thing is, we need to put God first in everything so that everything else will go well. It’s kind of funny how that works no? We always explain to people that we have 168 hours in the week and God only asks for 3 of those hours. That means we have 165 hours to do everything we need to do to survive. Saying that you don’t have time to go to church is just ridiculous. It’s like tithing. Some people end up paying their tithing at the end of a pay check after they have bought everything. What happens there? They end up spending the money for tithing and now they don’t pay tithing. Depriving themselves of blessing because of irresponsibility. You have to be responsible to manage your time enough to put the Lord first. The Lord will help us in every way possible if we put him first. Studying your scriptures in the morning instead of turning on the TV will probably bring you blessings. Saying a prayer before you eat your food. Fulfilling your callings in the church. So many things we can do to show the Lord that we really want his blessings. It’s hard to watch people here that just treat the church like it’s some [edit] social group. People think they just need to go when they are feeling bad. We need to go to church EVERY WEEK! God promises us so many blessings for just keeping his commandments. One of those commandments is keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Yesterday we had a pretty successful day bringing people to church. We brought a handful of people to church but we had like 5 unexpected people come to church. In total, we had 12 investigators at church. That is a lot of people. Our difficulty right now is having all of them accept a baptismal date. That is the hard part about the mission is letting people use their agency. We really want the best for these people but they just want to keep on their ways. It’s tough. But we keep trucking a lot through it all.

So I was reading in the Book of Mormon (again like always), and I found a story that I remember from seminary. It’s the story in Alma 47. I forgot names and everything but they story can be easily applied to everyone of us. There is a Lamanite leader and a Nephite leader. The lamanite leader tries to persuade the Nephite leader to come down from his camp so they can do some sort of “treaty”. Eventually with enough persuasion, the nephite leader goes down off his camp on top of the hill and gets killed. The lesson that we can learn is, Satan is always trying to get us off our spiritual mountains. He is trying to lure us in so many ways that it is unthinkable. We need to stay on top of our mountains and not be moved. This applies to everyone. Not just the younger crowd. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen adults here who have fallen off the mountain because Satan said to come off the mountain just a little bit. Please stay on your mountains and listen to the prophets. Speaking of which, GENERAL CONFERENCE!!! Ha ha. This is a perfect time of year to get more instructions and to get better. Think of it as like New Years Day for everyone who wants to listen. A chance to get better and to do the things right.

Well, thanks to everyone that wrote me, Mom, Dad, Abuelita, Sara “the supreme”, Britney, and everyone that wrote me in the past. Cui, Miss Erica, Lina, Grandma and Grandpa Packard. Everyone who has sent to me, I have gotten them and I apologize for not writing back. Everyone pouch also I have received (Mary, thanks). I love you all and I really appreciate your support.

With love,

Elder Pickett

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