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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Second Letter


(in gringo accent) Estoy muy emocionado para escribir a ustedes! ok, enough of that. BUT I am having so much fun here! So I'm not in a threesome anymore, sorry to disappoint you guys. It's just me and Elder Garcia. This learning everything in Spanish thing in three weeks is kinda stressful but you know how I handle stress... not very well so I've been trying to make everything as fun as possible.

The food here is great. I think though it's kinda like trek when you're without food for a long time, you tend to like everything you see. Maybe that's the case. But I am eating nonetheless.

So tomorrow, being Wednesday, we get to go the TRC (teaching resource center) to teach the first lesson. Let's just say I'm really really nervous for it but i think I have studied everything that i needed to, to teach the lesson properly. and no I'm not teaching solo. That's why I have a companion duh... ha ha.

It's weird not being able to talk to everyone that I used to so send more letters. They are very much appreciated and are the talk of my room.

Sara, I'm glad you got asked to homecoming. I hope you have a lot of fun. Marcos, Do Better. Sophie, i haven't heard anything bad about you so keep it up :). ANDI!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll try to send a belated birthday card to you. Mom, Stop crying. Dad, Thanks for the advice, though i think this MTC is full advice but it's nice to hear it from a father. Kirby, well.. keep doing your thing. Cui, thanks for the letters and updates. I really do appreciate them. As for the rest of you who i haven't mentioned either by forgetting or you haven't written me yet, GET ON IT!!!

So I will for sure be leaving either the 13th or the 14th so don't send anything to me that I will not be able to receive after that time. So be smart. OH! Oh oh oh oh OH! Guess what! I saw Starsky (Isaac) Hickley and we got a picture together that we will send to you guys. I also have seen a lot of classmates here. It's been cool. Oh. And I'm going to be sending pictures next week of me and everyone in my district so that you can see who I'm talking about.

Well, time is almost up so I better wrap this up. This place is SICK!!! yup that wraps it up. JK! This first week has been the LONGEST week in my entire life. I hope it goes by faster but with the guys I'm with, it probably will start getting faster. Talk to you guys later.

With Mucho Amor,

Elder Pickett
(or Elder Che, Elder Petite)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Letter

Sept. 24, 2009

Dear Family,

Oh, how I miss you. Let me count the ways. Ha ha, well, I'm chilling here with my companion Elder Garcia... on my desk... writing a letter... to you. So I have a really busy schedule. Wake up, go to class, go to breakfast, go to class, go to the gym. go to lunch, go to class, go to dinner, go to class, planning session, review day with my companion and sleep, then repeat. It's crazy around here.

Just now as I'm writing this, me, Elder Garcia, Elder Encinas, and Elder Pirir were sitting here and we hear a ton of noise in the hall. We open the door and some other elders are jousting with pillows and crutches! What the heck! Oh well. I figured you would rather hear from me than have me jousting.

So I don't need "I told you so" when I say that doing this Spanish thing is hard. I understand it but speaking it is a whole new ball game, my friends. Like tonight I have to try and pray...IN SPANISH! oh boy.. So like I said, no "I told you so."

So we met the branch presidency today. His name is President Wiederhold. He's chill. Nothing much about him. Nothing much goes on around here. We just have gotten real close with everyone. Like my room (4m 409) is really close. We talk about everything and they help me with my Spanish.

Oh my, look at the time. It's 10:25 and I need to go to bed. I love you all.


Elder Robert Allen Pickett

P.S. Be safe :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Missionary Training Center

On September 23, 2009 we dropped Allen off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. The whole affair took a little over four minutes. We pulled into the parking lot and were directed to parking spot #19 along the south fire lane. When we parked there was a missionary there waiting to help us. He helped Allen unload the luggage from the van and then told us to take pictures if we wanted them. We took a handful of pictures and then, just like that, Allen walked away with his host.

We received an e-mail later on that evening from Allen saying that he was put in a threesome with Elder Encinas and Elder Garcia. He said his companions were "neat-o." A few minutes later we received an official e-mail from the presidency of the MTC giving us instructions on how to contact Allen and what the restrictions were. Now we wait patiently for Allen to write again and let us know of his experiences there.

Setting Apart

Tuesday evening, President Rick Hall came to our home and set Allen apart as a full-time missionary. Present and participating in the setting apart were President Hall, bishop Lang, Robert L. Pickett, and Paul Pickett. It was a sweet occasion that was shared by the family who was present. Abuelita Mañuca and Angenette were also there to support Allen.

The Farewell

We held two farewell get-together for Allen. We designated the evening of the 20th for friends and the after-church get-together for family. We didn't realize most of his friends are now on missions or off to college so Saturday evening was pretty lonesome.

Sunday he spoke in sacrament meeting. He was scheduled to speak for 25 minutes but he ran out of material after 10 minutes. Bishop Lang filled in for him the remaining time. We stayed through the block and then came home to find our back yard prepared by Erica Meyer and Susan Greenburg. All the food was on the table and the tables were decorated with butcher paper. It was so awesome to have friends help out. Mostly family came by after church. A few friends dropped by to say "good-bye" also.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mission Call

On May 27th 2009 Allen received his mission call to the Buenos Aires West Mission. He enters the Provo Missionary Training Center on September 23rd, 2009.

General Conference Highlights