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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Second Letter


(in gringo accent) Estoy muy emocionado para escribir a ustedes! ok, enough of that. BUT I am having so much fun here! So I'm not in a threesome anymore, sorry to disappoint you guys. It's just me and Elder Garcia. This learning everything in Spanish thing in three weeks is kinda stressful but you know how I handle stress... not very well so I've been trying to make everything as fun as possible.

The food here is great. I think though it's kinda like trek when you're without food for a long time, you tend to like everything you see. Maybe that's the case. But I am eating nonetheless.

So tomorrow, being Wednesday, we get to go the TRC (teaching resource center) to teach the first lesson. Let's just say I'm really really nervous for it but i think I have studied everything that i needed to, to teach the lesson properly. and no I'm not teaching solo. That's why I have a companion duh... ha ha.

It's weird not being able to talk to everyone that I used to so send more letters. They are very much appreciated and are the talk of my room.

Sara, I'm glad you got asked to homecoming. I hope you have a lot of fun. Marcos, Do Better. Sophie, i haven't heard anything bad about you so keep it up :). ANDI!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'll try to send a belated birthday card to you. Mom, Stop crying. Dad, Thanks for the advice, though i think this MTC is full advice but it's nice to hear it from a father. Kirby, well.. keep doing your thing. Cui, thanks for the letters and updates. I really do appreciate them. As for the rest of you who i haven't mentioned either by forgetting or you haven't written me yet, GET ON IT!!!

So I will for sure be leaving either the 13th or the 14th so don't send anything to me that I will not be able to receive after that time. So be smart. OH! Oh oh oh oh OH! Guess what! I saw Starsky (Isaac) Hickley and we got a picture together that we will send to you guys. I also have seen a lot of classmates here. It's been cool. Oh. And I'm going to be sending pictures next week of me and everyone in my district so that you can see who I'm talking about.

Well, time is almost up so I better wrap this up. This place is SICK!!! yup that wraps it up. JK! This first week has been the LONGEST week in my entire life. I hope it goes by faster but with the guys I'm with, it probably will start getting faster. Talk to you guys later.

With Mucho Amor,

Elder Pickett
(or Elder Che, Elder Petite)

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