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Monday, May 10, 2010

This could be the start of something new...

Dear Everyone,

So it was very nice to hear from the family. It is really crazy how much everyone has changed. I guess I don’t have much to say because we just spoke yesterday but for everyone else, I will fill them in. This past week was a really crazy one. We were starting to plan for the next transfer for the branch and everything. We had a fairly normal week. Saturday we had an activity for the youth of the branch. We had the young woman leaders teach them how to make chicken milanesas. And also we played ping pong and a little soccer. We had like 12-13 youth there. A couple of them aren’t members so it was really great.

After the activity, we got a call from our district leader saying that I was leaving 9 de Julio. I had only been there for three months so this was really strange. I felt really sad that I had to leave there. I felt really comfortable there. I knew the people and everyone was getting comfortable with me there. So we immediately went out to go start saying goodbye to everyone. Sunday I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting and I took some pictures with some people. Then Elder Sabey and I left right after church to go to BA.

The Silva Family

Juan Cruz y Gonzalo

Borges girls (these are your FB friends Sara)

Crazy Susana


So we are going to fast forward to Today (Monday). We are at transfer meeting listening to the changes. Well, my change came. I am in General Rodriguez AND I am Comp Mayor. OH BOY. I am so scared, nervous, you name it, I am. I don’t even know what to do. I am with a Chileno who has one month less than me. Elder Flores is his name. He is kind of a gordito. So I go straight from the meeting to my area. I am in a four man pench and oh my. The pench is a pigsty. Horrible. I am kind of scared to live in there but oh well. I will do my part to make sure that I don’t dirty it anymore. I feel very out of my comfort zone being out here and this is definitely going to be a stretch for me. But President said that this is only the beginning for me so who knows what is going to happen next. I am definitely supposed to learn something from this experience. Sorry there isn’t much to write, I just talked to you guys last night. Please accept this short letter and I’ll be sure to write a longer one next week.

Sunset in 9 de Julio


Map showing location of General Rodriguez in relation to the mission

Thank you to Claralina and Eryn for writing to me. I really appreciate it. Thank you Mom, Dad, Marcos and Abuelita y Grandpa for your letters also. And thank you miss Erica for another letter. I really do apologize for not writing back. I am just so busy. I hope you accept my apology of peace. Lol. Well, I look forward to hearing from you guys next week.


Elder Pickett


  1. I wish Scott would figure out, take time, or whatever to send pictures!

  2. It took Allen a while to figure out how to do it. He finally just went to the kid in charge of the internet cafe and asked him to show him how to do it. He has to downsize the picture so they will mail properly. He is keeping all the original sized pictures on his memory card.


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