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Monday, May 24, 2010

Once in a Lifetime

Dear Everyone,

So the past week was pretty crazy, like always. There weren’t a lot of highlights. So again, this may be kind of short. So we went to BA this past week to go to the hospital for my companion. He has an allergic reaction to something on his hand and so he has to see the doctor for that. We waited for like an hour for the doctor and we were in his office for like 5 minutes. The doctor just said he has eczema and gave him some pills and a cream. It was really quick and dumb but it had to be done.

Catedral en Lujan

Elder Pickett in front of Catedral

The biggest highlight of the week was that we had four investigators in the sacrament meeting, AND they are going to get baptized this Saturday. It is a complete family. I think I have already told you guys. But this Saturday is their baptism. This is a Bolivian family. There is a whole neighborhood/barrio of just Bolivians. Out of the 90 people in church, 40 of them come from this family/neighborhood/barrio. They can make their own branch they are so many. But yesterday we went to visit them and to go over what we have taught them and they knew all the answers to everything. They have been reading The Gospel Principles book and every pamphlet we have given them. They know who Joseph Smith is and the necessity for a restoration. The Father’s name is Miguel, Mother is Teodora, then Alina(15), and Gabriel(9). They are really cool. Miguel’s sister just got baptized a couple weeks ago so this whole family is just going to get baptized.

Bolivian food called Lagua with dehydrated potatoes called "chuña"

Enjoying Bolivian food

Elder Pickett really digging his work...

The work is contagious...

Now for the other big news down here. This grand country of Argentina is going to be turning 200 years old this year. Now as you all know, this only comes once in a normal lifetime. So I am very grateful for this opportunity that I have to celebrate being an Argentine. I have bought myself a Messi Jersey for the celebrations and also for world cup. I have also bought myself one of those flag capes. The flag says VAMOS ARGENTINA. I would say it is pretty cool. And just to top things off, I have bought myself some River Plate socks. I am going to be showing all of it off at our Branch Activity where there will be a soccer tournament and our companionship is on a team. Watch out! We are going to win it all.

What a sense of fashion!

So as I have been trying to get used to my area and companion and new responsibilities, I have been reading in D&C. This past week, I read section 122 where the Lord told Joseph Smith that all the stuff that he is going through is for his good and benefit. And since I am a missionary, of course I am going to apply that to me. All the stuff that we go through in this life, whether they are good or bad, is for our benefit. We can learn something from everything in this life. There are times in our life where we don’t think we can endure something but remember that the Lord doesn’t give us trials above that which we are capable of having. The Lord knows our needs. He knows us individually and that is why we have the trials that we have. They are specific to us and what our Heavenly Father thinks we need in order to be like him. Sometimes we lose focus of that sometimes but I hope you all can keep that in mind this week.

Thank you Chris, Claralina, Abuelita y Grandpa, Mom and Dad for your Emails this past week. Chris, come to me. You know you want to. I hope you get sent down here because it is really great being here in Argentina. But I know that wherever you get called, the Lord needs you and your skills there. Thank you everyone for you support and constant love. Remember who you are and what your parents taught you. Lol And Happy 200th Anniversary!!!


Elder Pickett

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