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Monday, May 17, 2010

Starting Over... Again

Dear Everyone,

This week was very interesting for me. First off, getting to a new area was really hard. I have to start all over getting to know people. It’s not bad getting to know new people but I really liked the people in 9 de Julio. So I don’t even know where to start but I guess we’ll start off with the beginning of the week.

Monday, I got to General Rodriguez and I just unpacked. Tuesday, we went to district meeting in Lujan. Now, we are going to take a pause here and I am going to explain what Lujan is for those who don’t know. Lujan is the home of the biggest cathedral I have ever seen in my life. Yes I have a picture of it but I forgot my camera to send it to you guys. The place is huge. There is a HUGE plaza and a lot of Virgin of Lujans. The Virgin of Lujan is basically the base of the catholic religion here. We are going to take a tour of the cathedral next P-day.

Catedral en Lujan - courtesy of

Anyway, that is Lujan. Wednesday, we just worked, actually we just worked the rest of the week. On Thursday we continued to dig a pozo for a family. A pozo is a hole about 4-5 meters that is used to put human waste in. I know, really gross. Friday, I got really sick. I finally got the cold. But this sickness just hit me really hard. My nose was completely clogged, head pounding, horrible cough with no voice. Just a great sickness to have as a missionary. My voice is still very froggy but I can speak a little better now. We got 4 baptism dates with a family! An entire family! I am so happy. The fecha is for the 29th of May.

We will just skip to Sunday now because we just worked those days even though I was sick. Sunday was weird for me because now I was a normal missionary. I am not in the branch presidency anymore. So I just did what normal missionaries do. My companion and I were in charge of the door greeting. We greeted everyone at the door and all of them saying to me, are you new? I would only think it was obvious but I guess not. In sacrament meeting, there were about 90 people. And this a branch mind you. I had to give my testimony because it was my first Sunday and I had a froggy voice so it was kinda funny. I also had to play the piano for sacrament meeting. Marcos, learn how to play the piano because you will need it. I promise you. And so we did some more getting to know people things after church ended. There is a family in our branch/ward from Tucuman. They are from Villa Lujan, they said. I told them you, Dad, were from Villa Guillermina. Is that right? I don’t know but I hope it is. They were really happy that there was someone now who knows a bit about the north.

Capilla de la Rama General Rodriguez - courtesy of

Nothing really happened this week. I’ll make sure to take some pictures for next week of everything so you guys know what kind of area I am in. It is half campo half city. This city can’t decide between the two. Oh well. I don’t have anything else.

Happy birthday Grandma Packard. I hope your birthday was really great. Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Marcos, Sara, and Gma and Gpa Packard for your Emails. I really did enjoy them. Good luck Eric. Enjoy the MTC because the fun only begins there. Next Sunday I will be completing 8 months on the mission and boy does it just go. Being comp mayor is nothing special just a little more responsibility. Anyway, hope to hear from everyone next week.


Elder Pickett

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