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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Red Day

Dear Everyone,

Another week. Let’s see… what happened this week…? Well, a lot of things happened this week. So we did more divisions with members. This week we found a whole lot of people. At the end of the week, we had planned to bring at least 30-35 people to church. That would have broken all records and would have been a huge part of the attendance. So we made really specific plans so that everyone would show up at church. At these plans were really really well put together also. We past by members and introduced them to the people they were going to take to church. Everything worked out just great. So Sunday morning comes and we went to look for 5 of the “30” that were coming. We went to each of their houses and they all didn’t want to come to church. So we just let it by and we went on thinking that the other members had done their responsibility. So we get to church and we checked every room to see how many were there. When we got there, there was only three!! We went to every member that had an assignment and we asked them what happened. They told us that the people were sleeping. So we left church immediately to go look for these people. We got to the people’s houses and they were all awake at this point. We invited all of them to come to church with us. We were sweating a lot because it was really really hot and we were running to each house. Well, we ran to four different houses and we gathered together 6-7 more people. I can’t remember how many more. But in all, we had 10 investigators at church. And we also 7 baptismal dates. We worked so hard this week to try and have a lot at church. We wanted 20-30 at church but we got 10. It was really hard to see that all the hard work we did kinda fail. But stuff happen and we just move on with life. We’ll get them the next weekend for sure. That was the story of the week. We worked really hard and almost everything fell through.

Another cool thing that happened to me today. We went to the church offices for a doctors appointment that my comp had and I met some cool missionaries. They are from the Resistencia mission. While my comp was with the doc, I was talking to them. I asked them if they knew Elder Mohlman and Schneider. They said yes. And then one of them said, “Elder Schneider is my trainer”. I was like, NO WAY!!!! I was so excited. They showed me video of Elder Mohlman and the zone in Iguzu falls and stuff. It was so weird to see Richie in the videos. I was really excited and so Matt’s son took a foto of me to show the two of them next transfer meeting. That was really cool. And they were some cool guys also.

So, just going to go back to work. I am really tired but it’s ok. It’s worth it. I have been reading a lot of the Book of Mormon and I think everyone should read again and try to find something different that they have never seen. That is what I am doing now and I am finding a lot of things. The Book of Mormon can help you all in your lives if you let. It is the keystone of our religion and we should have a big testimony of it. I love you all and appreciate all that you all are doing at home.


Elder Pickett

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