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Monday, January 3, 2011

What a Way to Start...

Dear Everyone,

What an amazing week!!! With it being New Years and all, it was an amazing week. Let me start off with the miracle of my mission so far. So on Tuesday we had lunch with a grandma and her husband. She has been a member for 30+ years and her husband didn’t want to get baptized when she got baptized. He didn’t feel like it was the right time. So we had ourselves a nice lunch and conversation and we shared with them a scripture and a prayer. We got up to leave to go on working when all of a sudden he said he had a present for us, after all it was Christmas. So he told us to go into his room with him and he shut the door leaving his wife in the living room. After shutting the door, he turned around and with tears in his eyes said these words, “I want to get baptized. I don’t want to wait another minute.” I was in such shock that all we could do was hug each other. It was so wonderful to hear those words out of his mouth. He told us that the time had come and he knew that he had to be baptized. So from that minute, we started preparing a baptism. We decided to put the date for Saturday the first because he would start a new year and a new life. It was the perfect day. Saturday came and everything went great. His son came to baptize him. Son baptizing father. His son has been a member for 30+ years also. It was a great tender moment. Seeing his wife at the baptism crying for joy because this is what she has wanted all her life since she entered the church. I think the sweetest moment was after he got baptized, we were in the chapel and
the meeting was over, she gave him one of those old people kisses that just make you smile. It was the most tender moment of my mission. I will never forget that moment. I love completing families. It makes me so so happy. And that was the highlight of the week.

We also had new years here in Argentina, I know, surprise… JAJA. We had ourselves an asado with a family and then we went to the apartment to chill the rest of the night. And yes, we stayed up until midnight. We got up on our roof to check out all of Ciudad Evita and surrounding areas. There were so many fireworks. You guys will not believe. We also did ching ching up there also but we did it with 7-up. It was pretty cool. So it was a pretty cool weekend and all with the baptism and with new years.

There is not much more to talk about. Just working really really hard here. Trying to baptize and convert people.

Thanks for the emails everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying the snow. It barely rained here for the first time in two weeks. I was dying of heat. But don’t worry, we drink a lot of water. We are doing really well here. Thank you for all your prayers and love. I love you all and talk to you next week.


Elder Pickett

ps. sorry its a little short. not much to say.

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