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Monday, January 10, 2011

Enero 10, 2011

Dear Everyone,

Another has past and more things have happened. First off, it’s the last week of the transfer and so that means my comp will be leaving. He already has 6 months in this area and that’s the max we are supposed to have in each area. I will be getting a new companion next Monday. Not much going on here. Just trying to help our investigator get to church. That has been our problem the whole time I have been here. We get people to commit to get baptized but they won’t come to church. And so they don’t come to church but somehow other ward members bring more people. We are swamped with people. There are people that we don’t even have time for. This place is crazy with people who want to listen… something that I am not used to. There are many families that we are working with also. Little by little I am loving this area. The people here are great and that makes me happy. They have shown so much love to me that I am truly grateful eternally for them and all the members that I have grown close to in my mission.

So this past week rained a whole lot. The first time it rained on Wednesday or Thursday, it didn’t rain a lot and so I was just fine walking through our area. Saturday came and boy was I in trouble. It was raining pretty hard all night and Saturday morning. My comp told me that it was going to be pretty bad and I was like, sure sure, I’ve been in Rodriguez and that was all mud. Well, what he forgot to tell me was that there are rivers in our area, not streets. So we hadn’t even entered our area when I had to confront the first major river. My comp has his rain boots on that go up to his knees and I thought he was just ridiculous. Well, I was wrong. He went right through and I just stood there like, are you kidding me? So I had to other choice because there was no way around. So I jumped right in and I went walking in a dirty river. And I mean DIR. TY. Dirty diapers, trash, etc. you name it, it was in the water. So I got done with that river and I was like, great, cool experience. We kept walking to the house we needed to get to. We got to the place where we needed to turn and lo and behold, another river! But this river is an actual river that got over flooded. This river we had to go through was, in the most deepest parts, about 5 feet deep. Lucky we went on the outsides of the river and it was only 15 – 16 inches. So we get to the members house that we were getting to and I was completely drench and my comp was dry so they made me change all my clothes. They put my clothes in their dryer which is something that just spins out all the water and then put the clothes in front of the fan. I was in clothes from the 17 year old in the family who luckily happens to be my same size. All in all, it was a pretty fun, pretty cool. And no, I didn’t get fotos. Next time it rains I’ll think about bringing my camera. But that’s basically all that happened this week.

Feliz cumple-bautismo Abuelita!!! Q alegria q me diste con esa informacion. Quien te bautizó?? Grandpa? Jaja. No sabia de tu fecha bautismal. Q COOL!!! Re copado… re piola… ja sry. Hablando como pibe chorro. Te amo mucho abuelita. Thanks Grandma Packard for your letter and the fotos on the back. CUI, I get all your pouch letters. Thank you very much. Thank you everyone for your emails, your prayers, and your love. I love you all and I will talk to you next week.


Elder Pickett

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