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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is in 51 more weeks

Dear Everyone,

It was so nice to hear from those that I heard from. It really did make my Christmas a whole lot “cooler”. I didn’t realize that I could talk for so long with you guys. I really could have talked for easily another hour or two. Maybe even three. But as we all know, gotta get back to work. So this week wasn’t our greatest because of the holidays. Either everyone was in the Centro or everyone was in their house with their family from out of town. At least, all the people we tried to contact. But as always, we keep working because that is the reason why I was sent here. So we kept working. We got one of our fechas back. Crazy little Lorenzo but at the same time, we are going to wait on Susana because she hasn’t gotten her response that the church is true. Patience is a virtue right?? I’m not really good at being patient but I am working on it.

So I am going to tell you all what I did for Christmas Eve and Christmas because I didn’t have enough time to explain in my phone call. So Christmas Eve, we worked like normal until about five. At five we left at went to the house of a member who lives in another area. He lives in Merlo 2. We had a blast talking and joking around with him and his family. Also the Flia Duarte was there and they love to tease us and make fun of us and so it was a blast. We ate chicken cordon bleu and salad. It was really good. After that, they gave each one of us elders (there were four) a present. The present was a cup. Like a really good cup. Really sturdy. But the three other elders got Boca cups. And, yes, I got the only RIVER cup!! YAHOO!! AGUANTE MILLO!!! Jaja. I was so happy. You have no idea. I have never been filled with so much love and generosity. I know it was just a simple cup but the meaning behind the cup meant a whole lot to me. So after that we went home. I took pictures and everything but I don’t have time right now to put them on. I’ll put some on next week I promise. After we got home, we watched fireworks. They started at 12 and went until 2 in the morning. We only stayed up until 1230 because we were all tired. We woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa was in our living room!! Just kidding. But we did have presents from our families. At least the two people from the United States. The other elder’s packages haven’t arrived yet. But we all opened our presents like little girls and yes I have a picture of that too. It’s pretty funny. After we opened presents, we got dressed and went to the capilla and played with the rest of our zone for our zone activity. We had a ping pong tournament in which I got my trasero handed to. But I got revenge on the Chilenos in fútbol. JAJA. It was so much fun. We ate lunch and then we went back to our pension. We showered, got dressed and went back to our capilla, my companion and I, and we called home. Again, a lot of fun. After that, we went to the house of a member to eat Christmas dinner which was pretty good. Chicken, Lamb, Rice, Stuffed tomatoes, etc… JAJA It was all really good. And then that was the end of Christmas. The End.

I would really love some new pictures of everyone just so I can see how everyone is doing and growing. I wanna see pictures of EVERYONE!! Not just my family. I wanna show people that I actually do have a life outside of my family and the Church so if you could also send some of my soccer pictures or copies of my soccer pictures, that would be nice. I can only show the same pictures so many times before I start getting bored. Anyway, I am running out of time but I will send pictures in the next email.

I love you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Elder Pickett

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