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Monday, December 14, 2009

Feliz P-Day!

Allen found someone that will listen to him teach and won't make fun of his accent!

Hello Everyone,

How is everything going? Hopefully really well. Well, to start off, I'll tell you about this week. Not much happened. We just worked everyday. Just like any other day. Learning and loving is what is happening. I learn to love the people. We did a lot of contacting this week. We taught a lot of lessons to a lot of people just sitting on their porches. There are a lot of interesting people that like to sit and watch people. And apparently we are very popular amongst the old folks. We talk to some of them and they tell us that they have been watching us Mormons for 30+ years. We ask if they have talked to us and they say they have not. ever. Well... Permiso! That means, well then, let us teach you. Ok, not literally but that's how we use it here.

A street that Allen frequents on his mission.

Mom, our fechas name is Susana. Dora is a recent convert that we like to visit. Susana is a great lady. She definitely wants to get baptized. But as usual, we keep searching for more to bring back into the fold. We are finding a lot more than before. Probably because we got all the people that don't want to hear out of the way. We found a couple of good families yesterday that we are going to go teach tonight. Oh, the beauty of missionary work.

Looks like we have a winner here.

It has actually become fun to contact people in the street. You meet some very interesting people which keeps everything quite interesting. I love meeting new people out here. We definitely love talking to the people who heard something about the church that was wrong and then teach them correctly what we believe or what goes on with us. But other than that, nothing went on this week. There are really long lines for the Correo. Gee whiz. So I won't be going there for like a month. Literally.

Just follow the sign.

The non-mission stuff. I have only received the tree package. Every other package is lost between you and me. I hope that they come soon. Elder Decker already has all his presents under his tree. The other three of us, well, it looks kinda bare. jaja. Now the information that everyone wants to hear... Christmas! So I will be calling from my Church at 530 (1730) BS AS time. That would be like 130 (1330) your time. I think.

Street around the corner from Allen's pension.

Oh, Estoy engordando, pero mucho! Ok, not literally but it feels like it. My shoes are getting worn out and I need more garments in like a month or two please, lol. We went to the farmacia and did the scale thing. I weigh 60 Kilos (which is very light. I think I lost weight)[edit: 132 lbs.] and 174 CM or 1.74 Metros [edit: 5' 8"]. Just so you guys know how I am doing.

Well, gotta run. Love you all.

Elder Pickett

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