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Monday, December 21, 2009


Hey Everyone,

I apologize that my letter is a little bit late. We had P-Day Navideño at the offices of the mission. We had a testimony meeting for the Pastores that are leaving tomorrow to be with their families before Christmas, the program of all the zones (which i took pictures of but we are at a different cyber so it won’t read my camera). Our zone was the best one by far. We danced to different versions of “Once there was a Snowman”. The mission president really liked ours. After the programs, we ate. A lot. Jaja. We ate ASADO!! Yes, I know. Be jealous. Jaja. It was so good. I took a picture of that also which I obviously can’t figure out how to download. We also had potatoes and carrots, rice and carrots, salad with olive oil and salt. After that wonderful, juicy, tasty almuerzo, We had the white elephant exchange. It was OK. I got a Buzz Lightyear water color set. Yahoo? Yeah not too cool. And after that, we took a couple more pictures and we left. Now I am here.

This week was DE DIEZ!!! We taught so many lessons and found 18 new investigators! WOW! That is the most I have found since I got here. We found two beautiful families that want to listen and that we have been teaching this past week. I am really excited for us. But this success didn’t come easy as you could have read the past couple emails. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach more people. It is a great feeling to be able to teach people. When I am able to teach more people, I am able to focus on what I am doing and the time seems to fly. And I love it when time flies. We got one of our fechas back on track. The nine year old kid that we had to wait for the dad to get ready, is now ready. For January the 2nd or 3rd. Not quite sure what the bishop wants yet but we are going to talk with him a lot this next coming weeks. With our other fecha, Susana, we can’t figure out how to put confidence in her. She gets persuaded very easily. She is a psychologist and very smart. She has already gone through all of the psychology of mormonism and can’t find anything wrong with it.We have born testimony to her and have fasted for her to receive a respuesta to her pregunta. We will continue to pray for her and do everything possible to animarle. And that is all i got for this week in the mission. A lot of work was done this week. A lot of growing happened that I had no idea would happen.

Now for Friday. Everyone wants to hear Elder Pickett and his funny accent, I know. But I only have an hour to speak. Or less. Depending on the hormonal phone card I get. Hopefully I can talk for an hour. I already have a list of what I am going to talk about and if you guys have questions during my story telling, I will permit it. I have like twenty things I am going to talk about. And it might be in English or it might be in Spanish. It depends on how my brain wants to function. I will talk a lot more this coming Friday so don’t worry that this letter is short. I will be calling at 130 Utah time. UTAH TIME! Not Argentine time. I will be calling at 530 Buenos Aires time. Read this section very carefully. I am not waiting for anyone because we have dinner at 8 at a member’s house and I will be very hungry lol. Thank you to Mom, Dad, Marcos, Tia Lelani, Tia Lina, Bishop, Abuelita and Grandpa, Grandma and Grandpa Packard, And Britney for setting aside time in your busy schedule to write a little something to me. Well, I’ll talk to everyone Friday! BYE!

Elder Pickett

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