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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole !!!

Dear Everyone,

I sit here, another week in a cyber, just passing the time on P-Day. Today is really rainy and cold and windy and thundery and just miserable to be outside. So it doesn’t look like we will do anything fun today. This past week has just been a normal week of missionary work, except…. MUNDIAL!!! It has been just a great atmosphere to be in. On Saturday, we knew everyone was preparing for the game. At about the 10:30 mark is when we are supposed to be outside to start contacting people. When we got outside, everyone was shopping like crazy. A lot of people in the streets. When 11:00 hit (when the game started here), it was empty. It was like a ghost town. So what do we do? We park ourselves in front of Credito Azteca and watch ourselves a little futbol. And let me tell you, I got some really good videos of the national anthem and of the goal. The people inside that little TV store were going nuts!! I’ll send all that I have next week because I didn’t want to take my camera in the rain. The umbrella was basically useless because of the strong wind too. We watch the first half there and then we went to a members house to “eat lunch”. We watch the second half over there. And I think you all already know what Argentina should have done in the game so I won’t talk about it. But que golazoooo!!!! CABEZAZO!!! HEINZE!!! After the game, we went and did the normal thing. We went and did some visits and some contacts. At the end of the day, we watch the USA vs England highlights. What luck we had! Alright, enough about futbol or else I would go for days. But just so you all know, I am very happy that I am here for the world cup.

Anyway, our area had a couple of miracles this weekend also. Our area is split into two. General Rodriguez A and B. I am in B. Well, the area of A had the miracles this week but we are in the same branch so it’s the same. The elders from A had been working really hard with the daughter of a member. This daughter is 23 years old and has a child. She has been really hard to commit to a baptism date. But on Friday, I don’t know what the elders did or what happened but she said out of the blue that she wanted to get baptized Sunday(yesterday). So we hurried(all four of us) and prepared a service and everything. It’s crazy how the Lord works. And that wasn’t the only miracle that happened.

At church on Sunday, we had just finished with the second hour and we were going to sacrament meeting. A guy buzzed the doorbell and so one of four of us answered. Come to find out, he is a Russian- Argentine. He moved to Argentina when he was 14 and has lived here ever since. He came in and pulled a book out of his bag. That book was the Book of Mormon, but in English! I was the only one talking to him at this point and he looked at me and asked if we could set up a day that he could come over to the church and practice his English. By golly I couldn’t have said yes faster. I then gave him the Book of Mormon in Spanish too so that he can actually understand what he is reading. We are ordering a Russian Book of Mormon too for his mother that he lives with. The only sad part is, is that he lives in the area of the other elders. So tomorrow (Tuesday) he is coming over to the church to practice his English so that he can eventually go to the US and get a job with the company that he works with. He seems really cool. And so those were the miracles that happened this past week. We have two baptisms this next Sunday. They are two 9 year old kids so it should be fun.

Thank you to Mom, Dad, Marcos, Sophia, Abuelita y Grandpa, y Eugenio y Veronica for your emails. I really appreciate you all telling me whats going on in your lives. It makes me feel really good. Lol. Enjoy the games this week! AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!! VAMOS COMPAÑERO!! VAMOS A LA LUCHA!!! - CHE


Elder Pickett

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