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Monday, June 28, 2010

Argentina! ARGENTINA!

Dear Everyone,

Well, like I said in my short letter home last week, everything is crazy. I am now training Elder Warren. Everything is just going great with us. It’s kind of funny hearing him speak Spanish because he is still learning. He definitely is very friendly with everyone, like with greeting them but after that, it’s a little more difficult. He just loves working even if we have nothing and at this point, it’s getting difficult to find people because of the winter time. It is freezing cold here. But I can’t say much, I’m here writing in just a shirt and gloves. I have gotten used to the cold, kinda. This past week we have just been running around getting to know the members and we worked a little bit this week because I remember my first week here in the country and I was exhausted. So I had a little sympathy for him. Anyway, nothing really happened this week other than that. We are just doing the missionary thing.

Elder Warren, mi hijito...

World cup on the other hand.... YAHOO!!! This world cup is crazy. President Benton is going to let us watch the game on Saturday because we have now made it far enough to where it gets dangerous to watch. Yesterday, we were told to stay indoors for the game. We happened to stay in the house of a member and kinda watch the first half of the game. We then left to the pench to escape any drunks and guns that were going off. We chilled in the pench for the rest of the game and my comp took a nap that happened to go for four hours because his stomach was a little uneasy. But after the game, there were fireworks, guns, etc., anything that makes a banging noise like that, it was going off. Everyone was honking their car horns and flying huge flags out their windows. I am sad that I didn’t get fotos of it because it was hilarious.

World Cup fever

Elder Sabey went home...

Yesterday, we also had stake conference. We had an area seventy speak to us and it was a really good conference. There were five people that spoke and four of them spoke on the family and how we need to raise the youth to love the gospel. The fifth speaker was the area seventy and he didn’t touch the topic of everyone else. He spoke on worrying about ourselves because the way we judge is the way God will judge us. It was a really cool talk. It was hard for my companion to understand a lot of it so he studied Preach My Gospel and the white bible the whole time. I feel sorry for him because sometimes people tell funny jokes in Spanish and then I sometimes have to translate them and then they aren’t funny. I remember those days, a little. I am so glad I knew Spanish or por lo menos understood it a lot more than normal missionaries.

I am loving Argentina more than ever right now. I am actually considering coming back and living here. I like it even though the system here is so crazy. Maybe my mind will change in a year. Who knows! Christian, open your call now!! I want to know where you are going!!

Oh, happy anniversary parentals. Hope you enjoyed your day together. Happy 4th of July next Sunday everyone. AGUANTE ARGENTINA!!! VAMOS A GANAR SÁBADO!!!! I hope everyone watches the game and enjoys it. I love you. Sorry this is short again.

Elder Pickett

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