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Monday, March 29, 2010

Go Listen to Conference!

Dear Everyone,

Who is excited for General Conference? I AM!! We, as a presidency, are trying to get everything set up so that all the members here can watch conference. Since all of the conveys are taken because it’s Easter weekend and everyone wants to travel. I love Semana Santa! We were going to take all the members that could go and wanted to go, up to Chivilcoy to watch the conference. But now we can’t. So we have been frantically working on getting ideas on what to do. We were going to rent out an Internet Café but then something happened I can’t remember. But now we are going to install internet in the capilla. Then we are all going to watch conference on a little computer screen in a little chapel. I’ll take pictures. It should be just wonderful!

Oh the stress of being in a presidency/ bishopric. But, what a great experience. Well this week wasn’t really special except for the last week of transfers. We didn’t go to transfer meeting because we aren’t changing and it would cost a lot of money to go to Bs As. 53 pesos!!! That’s a lot of money here. I just went grocery shopping and spent 46 pesos so I can eat for a week with 53 pesos.

Like I just said like two sentences ago, there really wasn’t anything out of the norm this week so I think I will answer some questions. Grandpa Pickett, we do contacts in the street. It is a requirement to do por lo menos 20 contacts a day. That usually brings some great teaching opportunities. And for food, we have meals with members three times a week. Wednesday for lunch, Friday for lunch and Friday for dinner. Mother, I don’t know which of the field pictures you are talking about but in the green fields, they are growing soy.

Yesterday in church, we had 34 people. That is pretty average. There was no rain this time. There were a lot of unfulfilled promises. O sea Mentirosos! A lot of people said they were going to come for sure. Well, I don’t know what happened between when we visited and Sunday but something happened. I kinda feel bad that I have nothing really special this week. OH WAIT! I completed 6 months on the mission and no one wished me a happy 6 months! I was a bit upset. Just kidding. But wow. I am a quarter done with my mission. Only three more quarters to go. I can’t believe that I already have that much time. Time is flying so fast, it’s scary.

So last night we were at a house of a member who is going through a hard time and he was asking us what we did before the mission and stuff. My companion went to BYUgly and played on the lacrosse team and stuff like that. It got to me and I said that I went to school a little bit and that I refereed soccer. And when I said that his eyes got really big. He then proceeded to tell me that he had never met an American who knew a lot about soccer. I then reminded him that I have Argentine blood. He then calmed down and then all three of us got talking about soccer and the world cup and Argentine soccer history which I am grateful I know a lot. Yup, that was fun. Well, I apologize for the short letter but I guarantee that next week will be better with conference and interviews with President Benton.

Congratulations Cui!!! I am so happy for you. Congratulations Tia Claralina on your date for casamiento. Sara, you look really colorful in your picture. It kinda makes me jealous. And Tessa, YAHOO!!! Gonna go where they are just shaking to see you. Jaja get it? Of course. I am happy for you. And I apologize if you have sent me a letter and I have not responded. I don’t have a lot of time. And if you haven’t written me and you are wondering why you haven’t gotten a letter, it’s probably because I don’t have your address. Hmm. Well, Gotta go. Enjoy conference!!


Elder Pickett

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