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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Short but Happy July

Dear Everyone,

Well, it is the start of my last transfer of the mission. Wow, time has just flown by so fast that I haven’t been able to breathe or enjoy anything. This past week was just full of visiting people and doing service. We have been trying to help the same people with their problems and it seems that we have become really close with these people. They don’t want us to go and I don’t want to go either. I have grown to love this place. With all of its quirks.

Happy Elders, dirty lens

Just looking back on the mission and it is amazing what I have learned. Yesterday we had 16 in church. I had the opportunity again to give my testimony. Oh, so we had to do real fast divisions with the branch president. My comp and him went to go look for a family that had no way of going and I stayed and taught gospel doctrine. The branch president usually teaches gospel doctrine but since I can’t drive and neither can my comp, he had to take one of us to pick up the family and I chose to sit back and teach. I had no idea what the lesson would be on but I knew it was something from the New Testament. Well, I look at the manual and I see that the lesson is on the Atonement. Wow, what a lesson to teach without preparing for it. The branch president marked a lot of things in the manual so I took some of the things in the book and some of my own ideas. It turned out OK. Not too bad for a beginner.

Elder Pickett and crepes

The Copa America started and no one is really that interested in it. At least in my little pueblo, no one is interested. It has been so weird. I was expecting a full out celebration that Argentina is going to win etc, etc, etc. But no. Everyone pretty silent. The streets are getting more empty the more we get into winter. There aren’t very many people that are roaming the streets. I don’t blame them. Ha ha. It’s COLD!! Not much more to say. Just walking and teaching.

More happy Elders, and yes, more dirty lens

Thanks for all the support you all have shown me. Enjoy what little time you have without me because I’m coming hot! Ja ja I love you all.


Elder Pickett

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