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Monday, July 25, 2011

Miracle in Lobos

Dear Everyone,

Just another week here in Argentina. Not much time left so we are working harder. This past week we got cut a lot of time for traveling and meetings but we still managed to pull of some miracles. We had 5 investigators in church and 2 baptismal dates still. We had a surprise from a member when we brought a family of investigators. It was a couple but I say family because they had two little girls. They loved the church. We are having a lot of blessing here in Lobos. We also had 25 people in church. That is the most we have had since I have been here. It looks like all the work we are doing is paying off. We have been working really hard with the members and they are starting to come together. Now every Tuesday we have an activity for the branch. We are hoping to have a lot of success with that. We are so happy with the improvements we are seeing every day. I can’t explain how I feel because it’s so good. I am so happy with how everything is coming together.

It was also a good week with the weather. Except for today. Today it turned ugly. But winter ugly. Black clouds and wind and rain. I went to visit my old area Mariló and it was very short. We live so far away that we got there and we had to leave in 3 hours.

It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone in such a short time. But it was done. I had a great time passing through there and remembering everything that happened there. It was fun. I went to my Mami’s house to go visit the whole family and they were all there! That was so good to see everyone. Then we went to go see Yesica and she about screamed when she saw me. It was funny. I also about scared mami.

Elder Pickett saying "goodbye" to friends in Marilo

We then had to hurry back to Merlo to catch the train. We caught the train and now we are safely in Lobos again. There is a huge difference between the country and city. Haha. I got kind of nervous when I went back to the city. That’s kind of funny. I’m turning into a country boy. I can almost kill my own pig to eat… haha just kidding.

Well, that’s what happened this week. Only 4 weeks left so we are going to put the pedal to the metal and farther. We are going to have a couple of baptisms before I leave this country. We are going to do everything possible to help this area grow. I love you all and I hope everyone had a great Pioneer Day.

Elder Pickett

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