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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Everyone,

What a week!! It’s definitely getting very cold. Not very many things happened this past week but I’ll tell you what happened anyway. So we had some cool divisions where I went back to the city and worked with a cool Elder. Elder Bagley is his name and he is from Arizona. I was once again in the same apartment as my great friend, Elder Latteier. I can never get away from him and neither do I want to. He is a great friend of mine. When I got back with my companion, we just went around visiting people.

Plaza 1810 en Lobos

We are going to fast forward to Sunday. Sunday was horrible. It was one of those Sunday’s where you just want to be in your house snuggled up with some hot chocolate. We woke up to the wind blowing at like 30-40 mph and the temperature at 10 degrees Celsius. It was super cold. We were the only ones at church until 930. The branch president didn’t show up because he is in Paraguay and the counselors showed up late. To make a long story short, we had 10 people at church. And half of them came from the stake. A pretty depressing day.

Banco de la Nacion - sucursal Lobos

And to top it off, we went that same afternoon to go an event that we got a personal invitation. That event would be going to the church of the Jehovah’s Witness. That was something different. My companion and I sat there like fish out of water because we forgot our JW bible and Watchtower. No one told us of the materials we had to bring. And let me tell you, our hymns are much better than their’s... jajaja. So that’s how we spent our Sunday afternoon. It has been pretty hard being here but that is no excuse for us to get down. We just need to keep working hard.

Calle Buenos Aires y Salgado

I think I have already written a lot about trials and so you must all know by now that trials are necessary to grow. Well, there is something I need to learn from being here in Lobos. The people here are much more friendly than the people in the city. Being in the country is great. I wouldn’t mind living in Idaho..

Pintoresca Casona en Lobos

Since there were only 10 of us in the church, each of us had the opportunity to bare our testimonies. It was a special meeting for me because EVERYONE bore their testimony. And almost every single one was about Jesus Christ. How important is Jesus Christ in our lives. He is the center of the plan of Happiness. He is what brings about happiness. I am grateful for Him and all that He has done for me and the people that I am serving right now.

Thanks Abuelita and Grandpa for your emails. Also, thank you Dari for your email. And Thank you also Mom and Dad for your emails. I can’t wait to talk to you all this coming Sunday. I love you all!!


Elder Pickett

[Allen is still struggling to find a cyber that will allow him to post pictures. The pictures in this letter are from : InfoLobos)

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