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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hungry in Wolves...?

Hey Everyone,

Crazy week again! Well, let's get the good stuff out of the way. I am now in a place called Lobos. It is in the middle of campo again.

Lobos, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

I got sent out here because the Branch is about to fall apart so President sent me in to help the Branch out. It was a really long drive to get out here. It took like an hour... yeah I know that that isn't very long but it really is when the majority of your mission is all within 30 -45 minutes.

Catedral Nuestra Señora del Carmen

So this place is like 9 de Julio. Our chapel is a like 9 de Julio. It's just a little house. So from what I have heard about this place, there was about 3 people attending like 2-3 months ago and now they 28 people going so there is some improvement. I'm excited to help the Branch out and help it grow. My new companion is Elder Romero from Chile. Where in Chile, I don't know. He is a very quiet guy but very very nice. I'm going to have a nice time out here and it looks like Im going to finish my mission out here also. I just love how it's just campo again.


Well, some news about how I finished in Villegas. This past weekend we had two baptisms. That means we finished the transfer with 7 baptisms. We broke the Villegas record of 6 in a transfer. I was really happy that we could do that. We had to do one of our baptisms at 8 in the morning Sunday morning. We had to wake up at 530 in the morning to start filling up the font. And then I had to pack everything last night and so I am really tired. Like really tired. It was pretty sad to leave Villegas. I grew to love the people there. But that's how the mission is. We have to leave the people that we love. One family gave me a real cool gift. They got me a River towel. River is my favorite team here in Argentina and so they got me a bath towel. It was so awesome. For lunch I ate half a chicken and was really stuffed. It's nice to feel loved. :)

So now here I am, going to get myself used to new people. The internet cafe here is really slow and is not wanting to cooperate with me... I think it's because I am new here. Not much to tell because I just got here and getting myself used to a new area. Hopefully it will be awesome like 9 de Julio was. But it will be whatever I make of it. If I wanna like it here, it will be fun and I will like it. That's how it is.

Aerial View of Lobos

So I finished the Book of Mormon again on the mission and I have found things that I never noticed or at least never bothered to notice. The last 4 chapters of the Book of Mormon are really powerful chapters. I really love how it talks a lot about charity and faith and hope. Those are the three things we need to have now a days. We need to have hope in a better world and faith to make it happen and the way to make it happen is to have charity. It has to start with us and we can't wait for other people to change the world. We need to act and not be acted upon. I love that quote. Let us be proactive in all things. Let us not be slothful servants.

Well, I'm out of things to say this week. Pictures are not wanting to send so maybe next week [pictures in this post are courtesy of Google Earth]. I love you all and thank you for all your support.


Elder Pickett

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