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Monday, October 4, 2010

General Conference!

Dear Everyone,

WHAT A CONFERENCE!! A couple of things. First, I think I have now seen Aunt Rachel more times than I have my own parents. Second, Father, what were you doing in the casting commercial?! We were sitting eating some fiambres and such and all of a sudden I see you on the screen for a good minute getting your beard and hair put on. I was just yelling at all the elders “THAT’S MY DAD!!”. They didn’t believe me until I pulled out my photos of the family and then they believed me.

The conference was really neat. What really stayed with me were the topics of choice making and pride. The majority in my opinion were focused on making the right choices. Making the right choice is actually really easy to do but, we don’t like to make the right choices for selfish reasons. We need to put our will in line with the will of the Father. I like the quote that Elder Scott said and I paraphrase because I can’t remember it perfectly. “ We become what we want to be when we be what we want to become.” It’s pretty obvious no? But we sometimes forget that. If we want to be a good example, we need to... act like a good example. What the Prophet and Apostles said this conference were so simple and easy to understand that I think it hit everyone to the very soul. It “pricked” my heart a lot with things that I want to change in my life to be in harmony with God. This conference also helped me with my investigators too.

We had one investigator, Graciela, who didn’t attend any session until the last session. She has a problem with cigarettes. She doesn’t believe in herself that she can stop smoking and she is losing a lot of faith. But, she still came to the last session of conference. She fell asleep for the first hour and a half of the last session and then Elder Ballard got to the pulpit. He started speaking and she woke up when he said the word “ addiction”. She immediately got a piece of paper and pen and began taking notes. She came out of the conference with so much motivation to quit smoking that we are going to try and get here a baptism date and get rid of these cigs. That is just one miracle of conference.

Listening to the prophets voice does something to us. It is probably the fact the we are listening to the Lord’s voice every time we watch conference. The Prophet is the mouth piece of God and with send His message through his prophets to bless his children. He blessed Graciela with the words she needed to hear. I am sure that he blessed you all with the words you needed to hear. I feel richly blessed for the opportunity I had to listen to conference and learn some more stuff. Please follow the words of the prophet and the apostles. You will be happy by being obedient.

Everything is just Hunky Dory here in Argentina. Just enjoying life right now. OH.... ANDI! I am so sorry I forgot your birthday last week so..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDI PANDI!!!!! I love you! I can’t believe you are so big now! Until next week, BYE!


Elder Allen Pickett

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