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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another week :)

Dear Everyone,

The week past with a lot of celebrations. One, congrats Dan and Cui with Josef. I have a new cousin!! I am so happy that I have another little tike to babysit… JA!

And I also celebrated something also. I celebrated 13 months in the mission. Hey hey! We are now starting the supposed super rapido downhill side of the mission. I’ll tell you all if it really is true. I can’t believe some days that I have been out here for this long. Kinda of crazy to think about. But anyway, the week. The week was pretty good. We just worked really hard all week. We had transfer meeting Wednesday so it was really weird. We then, as a zone, had a little book fair thing at a Catholic church where we talked about Family History. That was really boring but oh well. We weren’t allowed to preach in the church, obviously. So we just sat there at our booth and when someone came up, we just started talking to them about family history. Good thing I worked in the vaults, eh? We took 4 hour turns and it was boring, like I already said. We had 2 shifts and then we did our work. We had a pretty short week to work so we couldn’t get a lot of stuff done like we wanted.

Today we are going to help with the construction of a house. We love doing construction, my comp and I. We are just working really hard and just doing good work. Like I say every week, everything we do is repetitive. So if I sound really boring, I apologize. So recently I read again Our Search for Happiness. I forgot how good of a book it is. If you have the chance to read it, do it. If you have already read it, do it again. I am also reading Our Heritage which is really good also. Just doing work in Argentina. I am glad everyone is doing well at home. I am doing well here. Physically, Mentally, everything. I’m not getting sick por suerte. I feel great. Just tired because we walk all day in the sun. Yes, I am drinking enough water. I knew you were going to ask that. I wanna see pictures of everyone dressed up for Halloween. I will be the judge to see who has the best costume.

So with all my readings, I have gotten a stronger testimony that the church is true. With all the evidence that proves the church is true, it’s surprising that a lot don’t believe the same. That is why we are here, to try and help people understand. It sometimes is frustrating but with the spirit, all things are possible. If we look to have the spirit in our lives, we can have a strong enough testimony to convince people like Alma and Ammon in the Book of Mormon. We just need to force ourselves to do what is right. Sounds easy but as we all know, it is really hard. Learn humility. I am probably not the greatest example of that but I know the importance of humility. If we can submit ourselves to the will of the Father, he will bless us with blessing that we can’t even comprehend.

Thank you all for your letters. Dad, you can speak Portuguese??? Ha, I’m still learning so maybe when I get back I’ll be able to understand you. Good luck in Brazil and I love you.

Elder Pickett

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