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Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer week and Pictures

[Note: This week was transfer week so Allen didn't get much time to write. He only had 10 minutes so he downloaded some pictures and we chatted a bit. I told him that he had to share at least one small story from this week. He has a new companion, elder Christopher Allen Hart from Las Vegas, Nevada.]

OK. We had family home evening Saturday night with two families. It was great to see people doing family home evening. The topic was about the family. How to raise a good family is such a difficult world. The children down here in Argentina have a very hard time with everything. They have a lot of pressure on them with temptations and all. I see a lot of kids everyday that get caught by the lies of Satan. That is why I am so glad I was raised the way I was in the place where I lived. I told them many a story of my childhood and how Mom and Dad raised me with strict rules. They were all in awe. Then afterward we ate some really good empanadas. .... How is that for a short story lol

Capilla en Mariló - street view

Capilla en Mariló - building

Some random photos of him and companions:

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  1. I told Scott about your Grandfather being from his new area! Thanks for reading his blog. Now you see why I have gray hair!


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