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Monday, September 6, 2010

Here we are in September

Dear Everyone,

Another week complete in the mission and some more great experiences. This week a lot of stuff happened. And when I say this week, I mean this past weekend. We had a so-so week but it was really busy. We had to do a lot of things in preparation for our baptisms. We didn’t have gas in the church (still) and so we had to move to the chapel in Trujui.

I’m going to talk about what happened Saturday because that was the busiest day of the week. So after situating all the talks and figuring out all the clothes and refreshments and stuff, we went to the church in Trujui to start filling up the font. We start to fill up the font and there was no water pressure. It was just dribbling water out of the spigot. And we had about 4 hour and a half hours until the baptism was to start. It takes about 3 and a half hours to fill it. So we went frantic looking for ways to fill up the font. The water pressure was just fine in the bathroom and so we became plumbers. We disconnected the water pipe below and started filling up buckets. Yes, I know, that is really slow. We did that for some time while one of the missionaries from Trujui was playing with all the water pressure valves. Finally he figured it out so that we could get the water pressure to start working.

So that was just the font. Now we had to deal with the dirty, wet clothes that we got from another area because we didn’t have any clothes. We had to wash these clothes on the spot. So my comp went into the kitchen to wash the clothes. As he was washing the clothes, he pushed down on the sink and it fell through. If you all haven’t seen my comp, he is huge. All we could do was laugh because the sink was put in very bad. We kind of fixed the sink by somewhat gluing it to the cement that was already holding it in. We hope that it didn’t fall on anyone yesterday at church. So after getting the clothes all clean and putting them up to dry, we left to go pick up our baptismal candidates. They didn’t know how to get to the other church so we had to take them. We got to the baptism a little late, but to our greatest surprise, no one was there! We start calling and asking where everyone one was, por suerte everyone was on their way. We had everyone show up that we needed to show up. By that I mean, we had the bishop, our two talks and like three other members, with six missionaries. 4 of us from Mariló and 2 from Trujui. Some great attendance no? But I played the piano and I got some great comments because I did some improvisations of some hymns and they turned out good. Never knew playing around on the piano for so long would pay off. So the baptisms went well and everyone is happy. The refreshments afterward were really good. Facturas. Mmm, I love facturas. And by the time everything was over, the day was over and we went to the apartment. Sunday was also a good day because all three of them got confirmed also. I got to confirm one of them. It was my first confirmation that I had done in my mission. And let me tell you, it is hard to speak in Tú when one is used to speaking in Usted and in Vos. And that was my week.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Abuelita y Grandpa for your emails. Also Cui, Christian, and Britney. I hope all is well with Grandpa Packard. Send my love to him. I love your pictures! Please keep sending more. I’ll try to be better and send more. I love you all and thank you for all your support. And Gracias Abuelita y Grandpa por la Corbata. Tiene colores de River!! AGUANTE!


Elder Pickett

[His computer at this internet cafe didn't have a USB port for him to hook up and send pictures but after sending his letter and me publishing it he found one that had USB port and he sent the following pictures]

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