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Monday, February 8, 2010

When the going gets tough, the tough get duraznos?

Dear Everyone,

This week was kinda of a dud. Well not really but it felt like it. Tuesday, we worked like crazy. We did a lot of good stuff. Wednesday we worked until my back went out. That wasn’t cool. So we rested the whole afternoon that day. On Thursday we had to go to Capital. We spent all day there doing my tramites. What is it called in English? I don’t know. I am losing my English skills very rapidly. I am afraid I am going to come home and I’m going to have to learn English all over again like a baby. "Halo, mai na me es Elder Pickett. Jao ar yu?" Kinda like that. My English is going to be horrible.

Well, to be positive, because everyone loves being positive, We found a family to teach! Yahoo! They are very much protestant. The husband is 23 and the wife is 32. They have two daughters, one of which is named Sophia. And the Husband is a teacher in their church for the primary. They are going to come to church this next week with us to check it out. We have taught them The Restauracion and The Plan of Salvation. They keep saying that we have the same stuff as their church but we told them that there is a slight difference. But we all know that that slight difference is actually a big difference. THE PRIESTHOOD!! The Priesthood is the reason why the gospel is restored. The Priesthood is the authority given to ALL hombres dignos. I just turned to an Elder and asked him how to say hombres dignos in English. Told ya I’m struggling. Worthy Males. That’s what I wanted to say. It is a blessing to have the priesthood in our homes. Cuando uno es digno para usar el sacerdocio, uno puede hacer Milagros. Anoche, Elder Decker estaba enfermo pero mal, entonces, nosotros tres(yo, González, Navarro) le dimos una bendición de salud y como justo después, él estaba re-bien. Como él estaba haciendo chistes y todo. Eso fue un milagro. El poder del sacerdocio es increíble.

Pero yo quiero hablar de otra tema. Una escritura ésta semana que me impresionó está en 1 Nefi 4:6. Es muy corto pero tiene mucha significa. Dice así, no exacto pero casí lo mismo. Y yo, Nefi, fui guiado por el Espiritu Santo, no sabiendo adonde ir antes. Algo así. Pero tiene mucha significa. Nefi fue digno para tener el Espiritu. Punto. Y por que él fue digno para tener el Espiritu, él pudo encontrar Lamán y matarle. Él pudo obtener los planchas de bronce.
So what does that mean for us? Well, we need to live our lives so that we can have the spirit to guide our lives. Nephi is a great example of this. If we could live like Nephi, we could all receive inspiration personal and for our families on what to do in our lives. That is my spiritual uplift for the week.

I love reading and applying the scriptures. They help me so much while I have been out here. At times when I feel alone, I read my scriptures or Preach my Gospel and I feel comforted that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and wants me to be the best missionary possible. Sister Bednar spoke to us a couple months ago and she told us three things, but I can only remember two. She told us, Be the missionary your mom thinks you are and be the missionary the Christ wants you to be. That made a huge impact on me because I know that my mom thinks I am the bomb! She thinks I am a baptizing maniac and so that means I am going to be that. I am going to work hard to bring souls unto Christ. And not only me but every single one of you needs to do that too. We all need to be missionaries. Every member a missionary. Eat it, drink it, sleep it. Be a missionary. I love you all. Thanks for your support. Trust in the Lord.

Elder Pickett

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