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Monday, January 11, 2010

What? Another week!

Dear Family and Friends,

What a week! A lot happened this week and it was crazy. Well as you probably remember, last Monday was transfer meeting and a bunch of changes happened. We got a new assistant and we have 17 or so pastores that are going to leave this next transfer so a lot of changes. Well after transfer meeting came Tuesday, which means district meeting! We met all the new Elders in our district and set goals as a district. And then everything went on like any normal until Thursday. Thursday we started noticing that there were worms coming out of our faucet. Ones that were alive and dead. Really gross no? So we called the offices and asked them what we should do. They said, time to clean the tank. So.. that’s what we did.

We climbed on top of our roof, but we noticed something else. Our roof is flat and it was been raining a lot. We have a lake on our roof. That’s where all the mosquitoes have been coming from! So we went searching for the drain because obviously it was plugged up. We searched for five minutes until we finally found it. I got bit a lot by the mosquitoes. Oh boy, Dengay! But everything was fine and the water got drained. Now back to the water tank problem. We put not a teaspoon, not tablespoon, but two liters of BLEACH inside that tank! Check out the picture. It was disgusting. We didn’t want to take any chances. And we scrubbed that bad boy until it was white again. It took four or five hours. I can’t remember exactly how much time because we all took turns cleaning for a time. It was really tiring. But now we are showering in clean water without worms. What a relief! That was the first big event.

The second big event was…. BAPTISM!! YAHOO!! My second baptism but first one that I performed. I was so nervous. But all went well. The person that I baptized is named Lorenzo. If you remember back in other emails we had problems trying to get him baptized because the mom didn’t want to baptize him because we wasn’t behaving. Well she took some time to think and came to a conclusion that it was just his age and he was going to change as he gets older. YES! Finally! So that turned out to be a miracle for us and for them. We are really happy for them. It was a lot of fun to baptize someone finally. But other than that, nothing else happened. We are working really hard here in Merlo 1. We are definitely changing the area. We are setting new highs in the area. We have three more baptisms for this transfer. Two for the 23rd. And one for the 30th. On the 23rd, Hector and German, brothers, will be baptized and the 30th is Susana.

So thank you everyone for your letters and your concerns. I really do appreciate them a whole lot. Thank you for your prayers for me and all the missionaries. If everyone could pray for our mission and our area so that we can find more people to teach, that would be great. We are having a bit of trouble finding the ones that are prepared for us. So if you all can do that, that would be great. I am so happy out here. I am happy to wake up every morning and just go and work. It is a lot of fun. I have a goal this transfer that is really difficult. Gain 5 kg. I don’t know how much that is in pounds but I think it is really difficult.

This might possibly be my last transfer here in Merlo so I am going to EXPLOTAR LOS TECHOS here and go out with a bang. Now that I look at my mission, it is really short. And it kinda makes me sad but that’s why I gotta work harder. I might ask for an extension… chiste. Well that’s all I have to say this week. I’ll try to have cooler stories to tell next week. Pray for our fechas that they will have the confidence to go on in the gospel. Pray for the missionaries in our mission that we can help the work progress more. I love you all.

Elder Pickett

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