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Monday, October 19, 2009

One week down, 99 to go!

Hello all,

One down, I think something like 99 or 100 weeks left. Wow. But this week was kinda long but kinda not. Tracting takes the energy out of you. Sara, I don´t even think cross [country] will even help train me for all this walking. We walk like 12-13 km or more a day! My feet kill me!! and my calfs and my hamstring and EVERYTHING! I feel fat. Anyway, thats all the complaining I have. Wait, one more, the people here are so flippin' stubborn it´s ridiculous. Worse than Sara! I know. Not possible? Oh..., but it is.

I appreciate all the emails I have received from Mom, Dad, Sara, Marcos, Andi, Sophie, Kirby, Abuelita y Grandpa and Britney. Unfortunately, I cannot answer each of you individually but hopefully you all can feel my love for each of you in this letter. Now to start answering questions. The directions to my pench [pension] is 1161 Junin. Do NOT write to this address!! Just look it up on Google Earth. I have not bought a sleeping bag yet because it is going to get so flippin' hot soon. I have a blanket that the mission gave me for my entire mission and a pillow. I sleep in a bunk bed. On top like normal.

Elder Palacios is from Santiago, Melipilla to be exact. I receive 500 pesos a month. I don´t know how much that is US dollars [$135.14 at the current exchange] but apparently I am rich. I receive it on a card every month. I don´t have it yet so I don´t the specifics. All I know is that I have money to survive. So we have eaten at members house almost everyday. And we eat the same thing over and over and over again. MILANESAS!! It is the best food ever! I will probably get sick of it after awhile. Elder Palacios doesn´t really like it, flippin' Chileno haha.

[In response to my question if Carlo could go visit him] No tengo tiempo para visitar con Carlo. Sorry. We are just busy walking the streets, bringing this sad world a message of glad tidings of great joy!! We have one person who has a baptism date. But she didn´t come to church because of Dìa de la Madre. oh Happy mother´s day mom from Argentina. We have a lot of investigators that aren´t fully invested and it´s hard but we keep trying.

My area is a ward by the way. Merlo 1!!! Our ward is awesome. I got introduced yesterday and had to bear my testimony. It wasn´t scary at all. Oh man I´m tired.

Elder Palacios and I get to go to the temple tomorrow, Tuesday, for the first and last time. Really cool. The streets here are great if you are looking for a job as street cleaner. There is so much trash its ridiculous. You can probably compare it to my room at home i guess.. haha. Our chapel is on Avellaneda between Chacabuco and Maìpu.. haha..

Anyway. Sorry if I didn´t answer all your questions. Write them again and hopefully I´ll answer them next time. Oh and packages Mom, Put like Jesus stickers on the box so people don´t take it. They won´t steal from Jesus. I love you all. If you doubt that then you´re CRAZY! And mom, Don´t cry for me in Argentina!

Elder Pickett

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