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Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Note

Hey just a quick note because we don't have much time because we just barely found an internet cafe to write in and we need to work in like 10 minutes. I got moved to another area again. They didn't tell me that I was just filling in the spot in Villa Celina so now I am in Mariló B.

[Mariló in Perspective - Courtesy of Google Earth]

[Mariló Ward boundaries - Courtesy of LDS Maps]

[Street in Mariló - courtesy of Panoramio]

My companion is Elder Heddy [from New Jersey]. I will tell more about him later on another day because I have to go now. And I was the senior comp of the flash thing, and yes, I was careful when I was over there. No need to worry now.

Love Elder Pickett

[Paul: I can't find it on the maps, where is it located?]
its in the Moreno stake and it is like poor campo so far lol

[Paul: Send some pics when you can]
i lost my cable to my camera so I have to find some way to send pics. Love you bye

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