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Monday, July 12, 2010


Dear Everyone,
This has been a week of celebrations. This past week, we got the opportunity to celebrate 4th of July and 9 de Julio. The 4th of July, I already told you guys what we did. For 9 de Julio, we did nothing. We left the apartment and we had been walking for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden we see a lot but I mean, A LOT of horses on the loose. Well, that was a first for me in Argentina. I had seen cows on the loose, and sheep, but never horses. Then we saw gauchos and gauchitos guiding them to the town center. Then it dawned on us that it was 9 de Julio! So we went back to the apartment really fast and grabbed our cameras so we could take some fotos. We got to the town center at the end of the parade of horses so we got very few pictures and videos. I can't load them on this computer because I tried it once and my computer froze so I'll just ask a member during the week to download them.

A ver, I can't remember anything else that has been exciting or amazing. We are just trying to survive the cold here. It is freezing here. Today we have clear skies and WIND! Oh man goodness, this is the coldest I have felt here on the mission. Yesterday we had the drizzle rain all day. That was annoying and cold.

So funny story, you might not think so but I thought it was kinda funny. Yesterday was like any normal Sunday. We got through the first two hours just fine and then we got to sacrament meeting. The missionaries are the people to answer the door when it rings so the doorbell rang when we were about to start. So we go down there and answer the door and invite them to come in. It happened to be a lady not from the area and not a member but wanted to stop by. Pretty cool, no? So when we get upstairs, they already started the first hymn. It was "Master, the tempest is raging" and... it was in acapella. It. Sounded. Horrible. No one knew how to play it and I had left the room to answer the door. haha. So the other 3 hymns I was able to play at least with my right hand because the book stand is broken and so I had to hold the hymn book with my left hand. Just some of the joys of the mission.

Anyway, I don't much else to say. I am sorry for the let down in stories. It's the winter time in Argentina. Its cold. I love you all and I will try really hard to send fotos this week and if not, next Monday.

Elder Pickett

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