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Monday, November 16, 2009

Last Week of the Transfer

Dear family and friends,

This week has been one hectic week. (did i spell hectic right?) Anyway, We have been really busy with working in two areas. AH! I'm so so tired. But it was all worth it because there was a baptism in the area that I am with. WAHOO! His name is Ariel. He is probably one of the coolest guys I will probably meet down here. Mom, Dad, we need to visit him when you come pick me up. ok?? He calls me ¨Tucu¨. But yeah, real cool guy.

Not much happened this week because I was in Merlo Norte the whole time. Y esa semana, I'm going to be Zone Leader!! YAHOO!! Who needs experience anymore?! ha ha! One of our zone leaders leaves next week so his parentals are picking him up on Tuesday, which is tomorrow, and I go take his place for a week because the other zone leader doesn't have a companion. I hope you followed that cause I am not explaining it again. But then i get a new companion next week.

This week though, I am in Altos de Merlo 1. They have 6 baptisms on Saturday... wow. Let's count how many I have.. oh wait.. none. FA! Oh well. We got rejected by an eleven year old with baptism. We asked her once on Friday night and she straight up said I don't want to. Then we went again Saturday night because they told us to come back and we asked her if she prayed about getting baptized and she said she did. Oh snap yeah! but wait. We asked her how she felt when she prayed. She said she felt good.. tranquilo.. Then we asked her again if she wanted to get baptized. She said.. "I don't want to get baptized." AH! SLAP in the FACE! Rejected two days in a row by an eleven year old. As you can probably tell, my ego get shot through the heart (cue andi and sophie). It killed me because she knows everything is true but it hasn't been revealed to her spiritually. Gosh Dangit. Oh well.

We had Stake Conference yesterday. It was kinda boring. They talked a lot about helping the youth of the church stay strong in the faith. Meanwhile, all the teenage girls are like checking us out... uh oh.. chiste. OH MAN!

Today was fun. There is a razon for my late writing. We had a zone activity!! It was so much fun! We got to my capilla and we started playing fútbol. Oh yeah, i bought a street soccer ball and lets just say, that was a good investment. But we played for like two hours. Then we got an asado started. Yo, elder Cuberos and elder Decker compramos vacio and chorizo. FA that was so good! Then after we ate, I was about to throw up because I ate half a kilo of meat, we played more soccer. While we were playing though, we got ROBBED! It was crazy. We were outside in the back of the church and someone went in the front and got out with 750 pesos (USD$202.70)! But the ¨robber¨ only stole it from two people. One had 500 pesos with him and the other obviously had 250 if you couldn't do the math. But yeah. after that happened, we then were too tired to do anything. I am still too tired to do anything. But there is my excuse for being late today.

Now for some other matters of business. Thank you mom, dad, abuelita and grandpa, and mary for the emails. I must now be the bearer of bad news. Only family can email me. Friends, you need to send your email to my family and then they can send it from their account. That means no more funny business... ha ha jk. But really, only my parents, siblings and grandparents can send emails. so if you send it to one of those people, they can send it to me. Did i make myself clear? hopefully.

Casi Navidad!! Guess what i get to do for Navidad?? That's right, WORK! YAHOO!! and call home. All who want to listen to my gringo Spanish, you are welcome to the home of my parentals and listen to one of the Lord's servants.. Was that a bad joke? If it was, Dad, you can delete it, lol.

Oh yeah. I writing from an internet cafe where i have no idea how much they charge. They have a little timing ticker thing at the top of my screen. Right now i am at 3 pesos for an hour and 10 minutes. Do the math cause I don't want to. My Spanish is coming. I think I have a have gringo accent because of my Tucuman ¨r's¨. Everyone makes fun of me for it, lol, I don't care.

Yes you can send the raincoat you have. I just need something to not get me as wet. I am going to get wet no matter what. And FREAKING RSL!! What the heck is up there?? I leave and they do well?? Who died and made them good? well, I will be wearing my blue and red tie on Sunday. GO RSL!! And I would like to take this time to thank all those who sent me flip flops (Cui) and Sweaters (Lelani). I am definitely using them. I need more ties By the way. OH OH OH OH Ariel, the guy at the beginning of the letter, wants some banana bread and zucchini bread. Send me the recipe please!!! Cause i need some too lol. I don't think i have anything else. I hope I am not forgetting something. Well, Until next week. Enjoy the picture that will be sent out later. (Dad has it on his work email, ask him for it). I love you.

Elder Pickett

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